Welcome to My Holistic Kitchen

The lights were dim giving a flickering romance to the restaurant. The music was soul-bearing and deeply soothing, lulling you into a sensual mood. The wine was cool and sweet, heating up and warming my palate with every sip. All of my senses were stimulated, setting an atmosphere that will be etched in my memory for time to come. As I looked across the table that evening, I remember thinking to myself, “This moment is perfect.” 

For most of my adult life, I have been a keen foodie, always on the search for good food with beautiful drink pairings. I’ve experienced international cuisine in other countries and have explored all the local offerings in my own backyard. I have tasted heaven in high-end restaurants (think Tuscan-Villa style) and homegrown Kitchens (think Cuban Ranch) and seafood shacks on the beach. 

When I first learned of my food allergies, I was devastated. I felt as though I was living under a black cloud of despair. My first question to myself (and the most asked question I get!), “What will I eat?”. It took me months and months to start to sort through and process new information as I reprogrammed my life. Countless trips to a variety of shops to purchase some semblance of food, hundreds of dollars in the garbage as I tried and tested different recipes and hours and hours of research. Then, finally, it started to come together, just a little at first but enough to feel as though I was getting the hang of it. During this time my taste buds started to change, my physical being began to heal and the black cloud of despair I was living under, lightened.

That first incredible bite is always my favourite. It was something I missed for years as I completely withdrew from my foodie culture. I was scared to try anything, not knowing what may happen. One day I came across a restaurant that changed my life and left me searching again for incredible, vibrant cuisine. This time, I chose to bring these dishes home, into my kitchen and so my foodie journey continued. Over the course of the past 10 years, I have experimented, recreated, invested and indulged my passion for food. My recipe box is growing and so is my desire to continue to create beautiful, holistic food, for my family and especially for you!