The foundation that I have built with the experiences that I have had, has given me a unique opportunity to help and serve others. I have a compassion that would not exist if I hadn’t lived through hardships and grown from my trials. I have a deep desire to help others grow and learn and develop their paths in life.

My services are unique to me and I would love to use them to help you as you grow, fall down, learn and succeed in your life with whatever desires you choose to follow.

  • Holistic Nutrition Counselling
  • Meal prep and planning packages
  • Lifestyle and Mindfulness guidance
  • Private Yoga and Meditation Packages
  • Reiki & Crystal Energy Healing Packages


Initial Assessment Session – 90 Minutes

Investment: $125

During our first session together we will take an in-depth look at your health and nutritional concerns with a review of your assessment information that you provided prior to your session. A customized nutritional plan and lifestyle package will be provided during this session.

Follow-Up Session – 60 Minutes

Investment: $75

A review of your progress, modification of your lifestyle plan as needed and counselling support.